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How to Design Reliable and Scalable Webhooks with RabbitMQ

By Jim Liao / February 22, 2017

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks that are used to invoke behavior on another site when an event occurs. Webhooks are great for creating loosely coupled architectures for integrating multiple heterogenous systems. Unfortunately implementing webhooks requires you to handle multiple scenarios related to external system failures. In this video, I walk you through how to design scalable and reliable webhooks with RabbitMQ.

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The Future of Web Application Development

By Jim Liao / February 20, 2017

In the early days of web development, all you needed to wow people was to create a CGI script that can return dynamic data based on the user’s input. Those days are in the distant past as web applications are becoming more like their desktop counterparts in functionality and user experience. I would even go as far as saying that some web applications surpass their desktop equivalent in both usefulness and appearance. One thing is for certain; the future of web applications will replace most desktop counterparts allowing online citizens to no longer need a desktop PC or laptop. Some will even ditch their desks and live solely off their connected tablets and smartphones. In this article, I will explore the trends that are shaping the future of web applications.

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