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Avoid Doing These 4 Things with RabbitMQ

By Jim Liao / February 28, 2017

RabbitMQ might seem like the silver bullet that solves all your messaging problems, but take care not to misuse it. Otherwise you will be in for a lifetime of regret after you invested heavily in your solution. Here are 4 things that you should avoid using RabbitMQ as a solution.


How to Design Reliable and Scalable Webhooks with RabbitMQ

By Jim Liao / February 22, 2017

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks that are used to invoke behavior on another site when an event occurs. Webhooks are great for creating loosely coupled architectures for integrating multiple heterogenous systems. Unfortunately implementing webhooks requires you to handle multiple scenarios related to external system failures. In this video, I walk you through how to design […]


How to setup a Redundant RPC Service in RabbitMQ

By Jim Liao / February 16, 2017

Redundant RPC Service is necessary for creating a highly available systems. Setting up a redundant RPC Service in RabbitMQ is straightforward because RabbitMQ was made for creating scalable systems. In this article, I will show you how to set up a redundant RPC service in RabbitMQ.


Content Enricher Pattern in RabbitMQ

By Jim Liao / February 3, 2017

The Content Enricher Pattern is a widely used Enterprise Integration Pattern in implementing a data enrichment workflow. A content enricher takes a data from a structured source message (such as JSON,XML,YAML,Protobuf) and produces an enriched message that is sent further down the data processing pipeline. The content enricher also acts as a gateway to an […]


How to Replace Database Polling with RabbitMQ

By Jim Liao / January 26, 2017

A database is traditionally used to store data, but I have seen developers use database tables as a job queue. The purpose of the job queue is to track which data needs to be processed after it has been inserted into that table. A dedicated process then needs to periodically poll/query the database table for […]


Why you should not use RabbitMQ for real-time messaging

By Jim Liao / October 14, 2016

I wrote on how RabbitMQ can improve your architecture and design and in that article I wrote that some projects failed because people used RabbitMQ against its optimal usage. A loyal reader asked me to elaborate on some of the cases that people use it incorrectly. When I first used RabbitMQ, I treated it like […]


How can RabbitMQ improve your software design and architecture?

By Jim Liao / August 14, 2016

I had been searching and testing various messaging systems up until I discovered RabbitMQ, a very unique software that I highly recommend as a subsystem in your software solutions due to the fact that it’s matured and battle-tested. Unfortunately, while RabbitMQ is a robust system with many different uses, I have seen many people used […]