How to Improve Your Design and Architecture with RabbitMQ (Free 5-Part Online Course)

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Learn how RabbitMQ can improve your existing design and architecture!

This FREE 5-part video course will take you through a tour of possibilities that only RabbitMQ can provide you. This course will introduce you to new ways of architecting your solutions for reliability and scalability.

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Integrating Heterogenous Systems


Adopting Event Driven Architectures


Creating Reliable and Scalable Systems


Summary & A New Beginning

The Fastest Way to learn about the Possibilities of RabbitMQ!

Stop searching around the internet for piecemeal information about RabbitMQ. I assembled a 5-part course to save you time and money. This course will take you through a guided tour of possibilities that RabbitMQ can provide you. 

What You'll Discover in this 5-Part Course:

  • Message Queue Fundamentals
    Learn how to leverage this simple data structure to address majority of your reliability and scalability bottlenecks.
  • How to Integrate Heterogenous Systems 
    You don't have to throw away or rewrite your existing legacy systems. Learn how RabbitMQ can save you time and money by avoiding expensive refactoring costs.
  • Learn how to Harness the Power of Event Driven Architectures
    Event Driven and Message Driven Architectures are a new paradigm to most people. Learning this new paradigm will help you create scalable systems.
  • How to Create Reliable and Scalable Systems
    This course will introduce you to all the tools you need to create systems that are both reliable and scalable. Majority of those tools are provided by RabbitMQ out of the box.

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